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24/7 online support.


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A large agency network makes insurance available to citizens of different countries.


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Fast online communication: client → insurance company → MTIBU (Ukraine) or REGITRA (Lithuania).

Insurance program for a car with Lithuanian numbers, located in Ukraine


Lithuanian insurance TPVCA - is a mandatory type of car insurance registered in Lithuania, it is valid only in Lithuania! Under the laws of Lithuania, if the validity period of the Lithuanian insurance policy TPVCA expires, you are given 180 days in order to issue a new policy of compulsory Lithuanian insurance TPVCA. After 180 days, if the car does not insure in Lithuania, it automatically flies from registration in Lithuania (Regitra).

Lithuanian Green Card - this original insurance policy Green card is valid in countries Valid in: Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia. , which are part of the international program of compulsory car insurance "Green Card".

Ukraine OSAGO insurance - is a mandatory type of insurance for cars in Ukraine, it is valid only in Ukraine. According to the Laws of Ukraine, in Ukraine it is forbidden to operate transport means without having an insurance policy of compulsory insurance of motor vehicle owners' liability for land vehicles. Payment, in the event of an accident, is carried out to the rightful owner of the car.

Easy CASCO (Ukraine) - voluntary CASCO insurance program for cars with foreign numbers, which includes the following risks:

  • Territory of the contract - Ukraine;
  • Accident for your fault;
  • Accident without your fault;
  • Direct settlement;
  • The deductible is 0 UAH;
  • Payment of up to 100000 UAH.

In the event of an accident, through your fault, the insurance company will provide compensation to you and all victims, through your fault, the road traffic participants. Payment, in the event of an accident, is the owner of the insurance contract "Easy CASCO".



We are the official representative office of the insurance company ORANTA in Ukraine and we guarantee money back if it is impossible to issue an insurance policy within 24 hours after payment.

Our office located at: Ukraine, Kiev, st. Kirillovskaya, 160. You can always come to our office, during business hours, and arrange an insurance policy for a car registered in Lithuania, paying in cash or a card.

Our task - to find the most profitable insurance offers for you.

Our partners - the largest insurance companies of Lithuania and Ukraine of international level: ORANTA, AXA, TAS, Galitskaya, ASKA, ERGO, BTA, Seesam, LIETUVOS DRAUDIMAS, Gjensidige, if ...

Data processing can take up to 5 minutes. If you have not received an insurance policy after payment within 24 hours - contact the online consultant for help. If it is impossible for us to issue an insurance policy - the amount paid for the policy is returned to the payer in full!

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Insurance in Lithuania:

car Compulsory insurance


> Insurance Company: BTA

> Category: passenger car

> Coverage area: Lithuania

> Franchise: 0 EUR

> Insurance payment: 1 000 000 EUR

> Automatic registration in the Lithuanian Regitra

> Delivery of the policy by e-mail in electronic form

> The price includes: service + commission for transactions

car Mandatory + international

TPVCA + Green card

> Insurance Company: BTA

> Category: passenger car

> Coverage area: Europe i Valid: Austria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Andorra, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Morocco, Moldova, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Romania, Liechtenstein, Russia, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Estonia.

> Policy delivery to Europe: 5-14 days

> Policy delivery to Ukraine: 3-7 days

> The price includes: service + international delivery + commission for transactions

Insurance in Ukraine:

car Compulsory insurance


> Insurance Company: UTICO

> Category: passenger car

> Coverage area: Ukraine

> Franchise: 2 000 UAH

> Insurance payment: 100 000 UAH

> The price includes: delivery + commission for transactions

car Mandatory + voluntary

ОOSAGO + Mini CASCO i Mini CASCO - voluntary car insurance against the risk of an accident (traffic accident), an insurance contract Mini CASCO will ensure payment to you and all participants of an accident that occurred through your fault.

> Insurance Company: OBERIG

> Category: passenger car

> Coverage area: Ukraine

> Franchise: 3 000 UAH

> Insurance payment to the insured i Payment to the insurer, as a result of an accident, through his fault. : 100 000 UAH

> Insurance payment to third parties i Direct payment to third parties, as a result of an accident, the fault of the insured. : 100 000 UAH

> Medical protection of the driver and passengers i The insurer pays the cost of medicines and medical services in case of injury, as a result of an accident, due to the fault of the insured or third parties in the limit of not more than 20 thousand UAH. on one affected person. Franchise does not apply. : 100 000 UAH

> This insurance option is valid for only 1 year!

> The price includes: agent delivery

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